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Solar Cleaning® is your #1 choice for incredibly clean solar panel cleaning

🏆 First and Largest Company of

Solar cleaning in Brazil


In 2009, thesole cleaningr began his trajectory in the Solar Energy business, indelibly marking his name in the specialization in Maintenance and Operation throughout Minas Gerais, and today we already serve all the States of Brazil.


Always striving for the best service and high quality manufacturing, together with the best certified manufacturers, we are today the biggest supplier and concept builder with the biggest and best service providers in the field of Solar Energy in Brazil.

Our factory is located in Belo Horizonte-MG, we are specialized in producing telescopic pole and photovoltaic cleaning tool set, we have strong R&D ability, experienced international trade work team and strict quality control system, we keep rapid development in the industry. Our items feature significant advantages in strength and durability performance.


We are greatly honored to have in our staff of internal collaborators, professionals of the highest caliber, knowledgeable about products and services, capable of always indicating the best path to fully reach your objective, offering the best cost-benefit option. Such excellence in dealing with the customer is the result of constant investments in training and accredited partners by us and our suppliers.


We have a recently opened Distribution Center, using modern technology, doubling our storage capacity, making our logistics more efficient. The opening of this new CD meets the need to fully meet our affiliate plans, professionals in the Solar Energy sector who start earning commissions for distributing our products, learn more(Click here)🇧🇷

We also have a fleet of vehicles properly equipped and prepared for any need. In 2021, Cleaning Solar took over the shareholding control of its then biggest competitor, which is today, a reason for pride and extension of its name, accrediting us as the biggest and best reseller of Cleaning Solar material in Brazil. Solar Cleaning is part of the groupSolar Energy Shop, a pool of companies, which covers several segments of Solar Energy that has already become a highlight in the national and international market.

Solar Cleaning is owned and operated by veterans with over 35 years experience in the Cleaning Business, fully authorized and insured,We specialize in manufacturing high quality equipment., special to ensure that your solar systems are spotless, protected and ready to generate Energy. 


Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our excellent reputation in the Solar Energy industry. After serving thousands of customers on the most challenging roof and ground mount assemblies, we have all the experience needed to meet your Solar Cleaning® needs.


Get in touch so we can start working together.

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